05 April 2012

How to Write Cover Letter For a Fresh Graduate

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You are just from graduated college and are now looking for a job, Congratulations! You know that the process of getting a job is different when looking for a career compared to the past jobs you have had while in high school or college, but how? One large difference is you will be expected to provide a cover letter for each job you apply to. The cover letter is your opportunity to let the company know you have done your research about them, and can tell them exactly why you will be the best fit for their position.

But what is the best way to write a cover letter? Below is a good form to use when beginning your cover letter.
It is important to remember that a cover letter is a business letter and needs to be formatted so. That means the beginning should be something like this:

Graduate Name
Graduate Street Address
Graduate City, State and Zip Code
The Date

Name of Person Addressing to
Their Title
Their Company Name
Their Street Address
Their City, State and Zip Code

Dear Name of Person Addressing to:

You may be confused as to what to do if you do not know who to address the letter to. You should make all efforts to find out the name of the person hiring for the position you want, or the human resources manager's name, but if you cannot, you can simply address it you Human Resources Manager.

The next paragraph should thank them in advance for their time and attention and advise them what position it is that you are interested in and that you think you will be a good candidate for that position.

The next paragraph will need to list your skills and background that will be relevant to the position you are trying to obtain. Listing all skills and experience that applies, especially that which makes you different or special compared to other applicants, should take several sentences and will be the large part of the body of your letter.

Next you will describe what you know about the company, position, it's structure and company culture and how you think you will easily fit in well with those things. If the company has a particular focus or something in its business model or vision statement that you agree with, this is a great opportunity to point this out.

You then want to let them know how to contact you for an interview and what times are best to contact you to schedule it. You should also advise them when you will be available for the interview. Many people also include their email address here as well.

You will want to end the letter formally as well, like below:



Graduate Name

Enclosures: resume

Each cover letter you write will be different, and if you spend the time to tailor it to the job you are applying for as much as possible, focus on good grammar and spelling, and do a great job of showing how you will be the best candidate, for sure you will have a better chance to get an interview.

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31 July 2010

Try This Before Writing Your Executive Resume

Resume Cover Letters

Just because you've been working as an executive for many years doesn't necessarily make you any more skilled at writing resumes, using executive resume writing service, than anyone else. In fact, you may be less skilled if you've been at your job for several years and haven't needed to apply for a new job for some time.

The good news about being in your position, however, is that you already understand the idea of marketing yourself. You may just need to organize your ideas and develop a way of thinking about your job search and resume before sending out applications. So before you begin writing your executive resume, or using executive resume writing service, take a look at some ideas for ways to make sure it will be a stellar one.

Find Your Target
Many executives find that their varied professional pasts leave them itching to include their entire career on their resumes to make themselves more accessible to a wide range of industries. Unfortunately, creating a resume that discusses everything often makes the candidate look unfocused and unattractive to employers. Another option is use executive resume writing service.

It's for this reason that it's a good idea to find one target to focus on per resume. If you have a human resources and marketing background, it could be difficult for representatives from either industry to feel you're fully qualified. So choose one area that you may feel strongest in or that you think you may receive the best results from in your job search or using executive resume writing service. You could always create another resume that focuses on your other talent if necessary.

Identify Companies of Interest and Research Them
Another tip to consider before writing your executive resume, executive resume writing service, is pinpointing companies that you'd be interested in working with. While it's not a terrible idea to write a blanket resume that could help you gain the interest of a variety of companies, it's good to write one with a certain companies in mind.

For instance, you could look at roughly 20 companies that you'd be interested in working with then research their dynamics, organizational behavior and needs to see what you could offer them. You don't have to write for each specific company, or using executive resume writing service, unless you're applying with them directly. But by identifying companies and learning more about them, you could give yourself a little bit more direction in the information you want to share to help make yourself more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers on the prowl for candidates.

Think from a Hiring Perspective
As an executive, executive resume writing service, it is very likely that you've found yourself in the hiring position at some point. This is great for you because it allows you to place yourself in the mindset of a recruiter who is looking for a candidate. What would you look for if you needed a qualified candidate? As you organize what you would like to add to your executive resume, you could jot down what you've looked for in former candidates to help you decide what information you'd like to offer now that you're a candidate.

Sometimes writing an executive resume, executive resume writing service, can seem like an intimidating task because the stakes are so high. But if you do some planning before you ever put pen to paper, you could significantly improve your chances of being snagged for an executive position.

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27 May 2010

Online Resume Cover Letter - Two Tips How to Use Them

Resume Cover Letters

Online resume cover letters are a source of information that sometimes gets mixed reviews. Some say they're great others say they're useless. Of course this is going to be tied in to the results each individual experienced using the cover letter. To not make the argument any longer than it already has been, I'm just going to focus on my experience and the two tips I picked up that really helped me see results.

I job hunt to get a job. Plain and simple! I don't apply hoping they have the perfectposition for me with the perfect salary. Why do I say this? One simple reason, I want a job in a place that gives me two things, opportunity to move up and recognition for my efforts. I can prove the value I bring to the table that's not a problem. The problem I was having was that I really wasn't making it to the table. My online resume cover letter wasn't getting me to the interview.

I was really at a point where I was thinking it was just the job market. "There's no room for all of us." That's really what I was telling myself. Thought I knew better. I looked over my resume and cover letter and decided that I needed to make a change to the way the reader viewed me. I had been using an online resume cover letter that I had plucked from the black hole of the internet. I couldn't even remember where I got it from. It really sounded good, to me. It covered the basics. It asked for an opportunity to demonstrate my abilities. Told them a little about my skills and gave them the easiest way to contact me. That's about all I figured it needed.

I realized the online resume cover letter was too generic and it needed to be more personal to me. I looked for more information online but with my new set of eyes, so to speak, I was realizing that most if not all the information was the same. It just seemed to plain and generic with nothing much to offer and giving little to no reason to call, exactly what had been happening to me. So I searched online but now for a better source of information to make my cover letter stand out. It was either that or I was going to rewrite the letters I was finding online.

Another trick I learned was to never say you see yourself doing anything else than what you're applying for. Companies don't like to hire and train only to have them go follow their dreams of American Idol or what ever. I made it clear on my cover letter that I really wanted to be stable, settle into a place and move up.
Those two tips worked for me. Making a custom cover letter, instead of an online resume cover letter and being clear about my intentions to be part of the company for a long time helped me secure the job I have. What my plans are in the future should only be my business. There's no reason to unsettle an employer about my future plans. They're in the future and as long as my employer is getting the best from me, they should be fine.

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